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What Is This Site Stands For?

Monday 1:32 am, August 16, 2010.

Hello (Biohazard/Resident Evil)’s Fans, do you have difficult time on finding the  Biohazard/Resident Evil games for playStation to play? or you may find them somewhere on the Internet but the game or the copy isn’t good? or it’s very bad copy even it doesn’t work at all? or you maybe find them on the Torrent but you can’t download it because it’s missing the Peers and Leeches or damaged copy?

Whatever your problem is, you are  in the right place you can find them right here in my site. and I’ll make sure before I upload them that they are free from any errors or damage.

you may ask how could I guarantee that?

Ok, before I answer I would like to inform you why did I make this site? it’s for fun sure, but why I though about it? the reason is like anybody else I am big fan of this series specially the classic versions, I searched like a hell on the internet but unfortunately couldn’t get all what I want so I decided to make it in a hard way, by owning the original CDs then I said to myself HEY wait a sec.. Waht about the others? they are also suffering from the same thing why shouldn’t I help them out? I’ll shorter their ways and make it more easier for them to put their hands on the Classic versions of this great game.

now let’s back to the question,  the answer is easy those who are uploading the games they either make a copy from a copy and so on or they dump or redump those copy or the original  and that what makes the problems,  or maybe you need some strictly method for playing it if you don’t know how to use that method you are likely can’t play it.

BUT what I am going to do is to make an image from the original CD/DVDs and then upload it. and one more thing I will scan and upload the CD/DVD picture,the Jewel Box picture, and the Manual instruction.

A side note: I will upload Biohazard/Resident Evil for Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 only. right now I don’t have any intention to upload any Biohazard/Resident Evil for other consoles, so please don’t ask. BUT I do have intention to upload all the soundtracks for the series.

By The Way Sorry For My English It's Not My Language and I Am Not Very Good At It :)

thanks for your time on visiting my site. I hope you find it useful and different from others Biohazard sites.