Ohh, This Is Biohazard
Which Biohazard/Resident Evil will be available here? well, it will be all of the series that belong to Playstation 1 and 2.

The List of the series that will be available here:

For Playstation 1

  1. Bio Hazard Trailer
  2. Bio Hazard 1 Original
  3. Bio Hazard 1 Director’s Cut with a Complete Disk
  4. Bio Hazard 1 Director’s Cut Dual Shock
  5. Bio Hazard 2 Trailer
  6. Bio Hazard 2
  7. Bio Hazard 2 Dual Shock
  8. Bio Hazard 3 Trailer
  9. Bio Hazard 3 Last Escape
  10. Bio Hazard Gun Survivor
  11. Bio Hazard Wesker Report
  12. Resident Evil Trailer
  13. Resident Evil 1 Original
  14. Resident Evil Director’s Cut with a Complete Disk
  15. Resident Evil Director’s Cut Dual Shock
  16. Resident Evil 2 Trailer
  17. Resident Evil 2
  18. Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock
  19. Resident Evil 3 Trailer
  20. Resident Evil 3
  21. Resident Evil Gun Survivor
  22. Resident Evil Wesker Repot
For Playstation 2

  1. Bio Hazard Code Veronica X
  2. Bio Hazard Dead Aim
  3. Bio Hazard Out Break File 1
  4. Bio Hazard Out Break File 2
  5. Bio Hazard 4
  6. Resident Evil Code Veronica X
  7. Resident Evil Dead Aim
  8. Resident Evil Out Break File 1
  9. Resident Evil Out Break File 2
  10. Resident Evil 4
Once I discovered another versions I will update the list. I am not promise that I will put them all at the same time, you may know some of them are very rare and once I find them I’ll upload them and make them available for download.

but what I am promising you is that I will do my best to collect all those versions.

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